The NBA is awarding multi-million dollar contracts to guys averaging 10 points a game. These millionaires are about as exciting to watch as a mail carrier delivering a letter.

I’ve been asking guys if they ever heard of Lewis Hamilton. Most guys say they think so, but not sure. He’s not in the NBA, NFL or MLB. He doesn’t play professional soccer or hockey. Yet, this 31 year old is worth over $200 million from the success he’s had in his sport.

Formula 1 racing is a huge international sport where guys drive supped-up go carts and race each other in some of the most beautiful city streets in the world as opposed to that boring circling around on a track.

Lewis Hamilton, from the UK,  is a 3 time world champion and drives for the Mercedes AMG team. What makes Formula 1 racing so interesting is that drivers on the same team compete against each other in the same race. There’s a huge rivalry and bad blood between Hamilton and his teammate Nico Rosberg that’s so intense, Nico and Lewis are crashing into each other to keep the other from winning.

Most times the experts are blaming Nico for crashing into Lewis, but it’s getting so heated that the boss of Mercedes AMG has told both of them they better stop. Of course, bossman is the guy who ultimately loses when neither of this top drivers finish in a top spot.

If you’re not paying attention to Forumla 1 racing, pay attention to Lewis Hamilton. He’s is one of the most exciting young celebrity ‘athletes’ in the world. His dad is his manager and he’s got a humble and gracious demeanor despite his rock star status among the racing crowd. He’s often compared to Tiger Woods (without the nonsense) and the Williams sisters for their dominance in a sport normally foreign to black athletes.

During this dry season when basketball ends and football is a couple months from starting, Forumla 1 is a great Sunday sport.