One of the things that keeps catching my eye when I read the articles on the SEPTA train situation are the number of people who say they were caught off guard. Since SEPTA made the announcement over the weekend leading up to 4th of July, I can understand that many people were more preoccupied with travel and celebrating than they were with the news, but still, a lot of people claim they missed the story.

Folks with the SEPTA mobile app said there was nothing on it that described the train situation, but SEPTA insisted that their .org website was up to date (like people are walking around with their desktops on the beach).

It’s obvious three things are occurring. One, people don’t read newspapers. Two, fewer people are watching the local TV news. Three, web pages are losing ground to smart phone apps.

It’s no surprise that people aren’t reading newspapers like they used to with so much news being delivered through electronic social channels on the smart phones and tablets. Honestly, I think that’s bogus, too. Folks aren’t even checking the news there.

What’s a bigger surprise is how many people no longer make 6&11 a daily ritual where we sit in front of the TV to catch the news. There’s a better chance people turn on the news in the morning before leaving work to see the traffic and weather than there is when they get home.

I’m guilty of not watching a 30 minute episode of any local TV news since….I don’t know how long. I find myself more interested in local news if I’m out of town to see what’s going on in the town I’m in. But at home, I have no desire to watch local news. I may watch one of the cable news shows which I can depend on at anytime of the day. But you won’t find me in front of a local newscast at 6 or 11, or any of the other times they come on.

But, I do read newspapers. I love the digital subscription with the Delaware County Daily Times. I can read it on any device and it’s the exact duplication of the actual newspaper. The Phila Daily News and Inquirer have a digital subscription too, but I usually buy the real paper if I want to read one of those. I usually avoid newspaper websites for news because they’re bogged down with popups, advertising, slow response time, and limited content.

Because of newspapers, I was well aware that Tuesday was going to be a day from hell for SEPTA riders, and I don’t ride SEPTA.

People insist that newspapers have lost their relevance. I strongly disagree. If you still have the luxury of a daily news paper in your area, consider yourself lucky. It’s still one of the best use of trees the world has ever produced.