When Harrah’s came to Chester, a lot of locals got upset that signage pointed drivers around Chester instead of sending them through Chester.

When you exit the Harrah’s parking lot, the sign tells you to turn right on Rt 291 to get to I-95. When you take that route, you are probably 35 feet from exiting the city limits as you enter Eddystone on your way to a 4 or 5 mile drive to the Ridley Park I-95 on ramp.

Any local will tell you that’s a stupid way to go, especially when you can be on I-95 in 2 minutes if you dash up Morton Ave and navigate your way to the north bound ramp at 12th and Chestnut. Or, make a left on Rt 291 and go either north or south I-95 a mile down the road near the soccer stadium’s ramps to the Barry Bridge (only if you know where the ramp is because the street sign is impossible to see at night and hardly visible during the day because it’s so small and mostly hidden behind a tree).

At 1 am, a Haverford guy decided to take the short trip from Harrah’s to I-95 by getting on at 12th and Chestnut and found himself taking another short trip to Crozer hospital after being shot in the back. We wish him a speedy recovery.

Needless to say, this incident is Harrah’s worse nightmare. They can’t afford to lose a single player, especially for something that is totally out of their control. This should be a bad nightmare for Chester who potentially lose tourists when bad news like this gets out. I don’t expect there will be any public comments to assure the public that Chester city doesn’t tolerate this type of incident. Unfortunately, reputation management isn’t our forte.

When people read that we shoot and kill each other, that’s one thing. But when we’re shooting at visitors, that sets the city way back.

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