The SEPTA regional rail train system is going to be a ‘hot’ mess this summer. They’ve removed a lot of trains from their fleet as a preventative measure after discovering cracks in the suspension system of almost all their Silverliner V trains.

With 120 trains being taken out of service, SEPTA is going to try to run on a weekend schedule until they can replace, repair, or supplement the fleet with other trains. That means trains will be showing up once an hour, giving a brand new meaning to rush hour.

They already know the trains will be packed like sardines during the hottest part of the year. You know folks will exaggerate the issue as if they were on a railway in India or Indonesia as pictured above.

SEPTA is suggesting alternatives like hopping on the subway, elevated trains, or busses. That’s all fine, but you gotta get to Philly first.

The Chester Transportation Center is well equipped to accommodate many of this area’s commuters. There are several SEPTA busses that can get you to Philly from Chester (see below).  Also, taxis are staged at the Transport Center and I’m sure Uber and Lyft will make their presence known.

It’s not going to be a pretty situation on the rails or roads during the dog days of summer. If the daily commuting situation isn’t bad enough, further disruptions with the train line at the airport and especially during the Democratic National Convention in a couple weeks will be felt by our tourist and travelers, giving them something to remember from their trip to Philly.

For the regular commuters who took for granted how good they had it but still complained when someone choose to sit next to them when other seats were available, get ready to commute like they do on a New York subway every morning and evening after work. Learn to read your paper standing up and enjoy a new proximity to a lot of men, women and children.

There’s no benefit in complaining. Take a day or two to find your best way into the City because the boss ain’t gonna want to hear it after Friday.

Getting to Philadelphia from Chester Transportation Center by bus

Option #1

  • Board Bus Route 37 (towards Broad & Snyder)
  • Exit at Broad Street & Snyder Avenue stop
  • Board a Broad Street Line local train (toward Fern Rock Transportation Center)
  • Exit at Walnut & Locust stop for Suburban Station 

To get to 30th Street Station

  • Exit at City Hall stop
  • Use Free Interchange for transfer to the Market-Frankford Line
  • Board a Market-Frankford Line train (towards 69th Street Transportation Center)
  • Exit at 30th Street Trolley & Market-Frankford Line stop and walk across street to 30th Street Station

Option #2

  • Board Bus Route 109 or 113 (towards 69th Street Transportation Center)
  • Exit at 69th Street Transportation Center
  • Board a Market-Frankford Line train (towards Frankford Transportation Center)
  • Exit at 15th Street stop for Suburban Station

To get to 30th Street Station

  • Exit at 30th Street Trolley & Market-Frankford Line stop and walk across street to 30th Street Station