I like spreading out my visits to Ave of the States. Seeing progress happening on a day-to-day basis is never as dramatic as seeing results every week, or so.

Last evening I saw how far the new coffee shop is coming along. The inside is all framed up waiting for drywall. The outside was being picked apart by a real professional demolition guy on a bucket lift out there sprucing up the exterior facade.

There’s always something new to look at in the furniture restoration space. The crew from Soul Street Cafe were working in their lounge. People came through Abstract Space where the conversations never stop, and I grabbed a copy of Chester Magazine from the cute red wagon. It just happened to be Devon Wall’s birthday and his family came by with a delicious strawberry short cake.

I know I’m probably late, but last eve was the first time I ran into Candy Girl. This young lady balances on her head a box of the best movie size candies as she sings and sashays up and down the street merchandising her product. I didn’t buy any candy but I gave her a $1 just for her entertainment value.

Who knows what’s in store for next week.

candy girl