As a guy who once published an independent paper, The Chester Spotlight, papers like the Philly Voice was what I aspired The Spotlight to become for Chester. It’s exciting to know that a Philly independent paper would seek out a story in Chester. But, when you have a story as good as this, sometimes it’s the larger audience who appreciates what’s going on before the locals do.

Here’s a few of my favorite quotes from the article and there’s a link at the end for you to read the entire piece.

The scene feels a little like Fishtown or Northern Liberties, but this is Chester we’re talking about. And not the Chester you have in mind.

“If you look at areas around the country — SoHo, Northern Liberties, same thing in D.C. — it’s artists that start all those transitions,”

We’re talking about a plan that happened in two years that the city has probably been trying to develop for 20.”

“What’s happening in Chester is very special. You don’t [usually] see this happening from the grassroots; this is not a typical story,” Zierer said. “We want to take this to a national level, at a much higher level to learn, but also exchange. There’s something special going on here that needs to be part of a national conversation.”

When artists organically emerge in cities like Chester, it’s often because of the low cost of living. But because these artists are then able to afford to produce goods in these areas, they grow over time into what he calls a “consumption district.”

Chester redevelops through arts district from