If you’ve never attended a show at Andre Acoustique, you are missing one of the best summer evenings of entertainment you’ll find anywhere.

To sit right on top of the performers in that quaint room, or to lounge at the sidewalk tables as the music blasts through the open windows and outdoor speakers, the experience definitely reminds me of Bourbon Street in New Orleans or any block in New York’s East Village neighborhood.

And the food they serve during intermission is incredible.

Downtown Chester is quickly shaping up as an entertainment hot spot. Andre Cafe Acoustique has been way ahead of the artsy renaissance delivering outstanding entertainment on the corner of 5ht and Edgmont for over 10 years.

Don’t admit to being a jazz lover and refuse to come to Andre’s for a show. You become an immediate walking contradiction.

Finally, if you’ve never heard Paul Fejko, proprietor of Andre’s, play piano, you need to be spanked. If you’re lucky, or if you beg hard enough, Paul may play during intermission if he’s not sitting in with a group.

Only because I like y’all, here’s a link to a 2011 performance of Paul Fejko on piano at Andre’s just to tease you.