‘Sons of Ben: The Movie’ is available for pre-sale on iTunes. For those of you who don’t know of the huge Chester connection in this movie, watch the trailer below.

As great as it is in having a distributor such as Gravitas Ventures, there are certain things such as marketing and PR that are left to Mike Dieffenbach and I. Even though we have a public relations company helping with getting the word out, there is still a lot of work Mike and I need to accomplish ourselves. That’s why I’m getting in touch with you.

If you know of anybody planning on buying the movie digitally, please please please pass along the link below:


It’s so important to get these pre-sales because they then help get us a higher placement. Once we get a higher placement, we get more random people finding out about the film. Once more awareness is achieved with the film, the better chance we have to get on Netflix and Amazon Prime. Overall, this helps Mike and I recoup money so we can pay back the fine people who put into this film.

Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated. Please forward the link along to family, friends, co-workers. Any other way you can think of to get that link out to the masses would be a great help.

MIke and I had nothing to do with the $12.99 price point, so it may drop. We just don’t know if or when.

Again, we appreciate all of the support you have given us in these 4 years. We are very close to sharing this story with the world.

Jeff Bell – Director