If I keep bringing these cases to your attention, maybe readers will tell their young ones to begin to treat criminal justice like a basketball referee or a baseball umpire calls a game. When questionable calls keep occurring, you have to consider that’s the way it’s going to be for the entire game and make the necessary adjustments.

From today’s Delaware County Daily Times…

Defense attorney Kevin Wray previously tried to have his client decertified, meaning the case would go to juvenile court, but Judge Pagano denied that motion…Wray contended that Hartage did not know a robbery was going to the place and said a defense expert who evaluated the youth found he has severe intellectual issues. That expert allegedly found Hartage was easily manipulated.

Oh well. Although it’s a steep price to pay, the good thing about prison is that for many inmates, it’s the first time they have access to counseling and treatment for these issues.