During the NBA playoffs, I’ve been using the excuse that it’s the first half blowout that’s prevented me from watching the second half of most games. Now, thanks to Terry Toohey, sports guru of the Delaware County Daily Times, I can come clean.

Look, I wake at 4am on work days, so there’s no way those games are more important than my precious sleep time. It makes no sense to DVR the games because I’m going to read the result in the paper when I do wake up.

Toohey writes…

All weekend championship games, whether it be the NBA Finals, Stanley Cup Finals or the World Series, should be played during the day or at the latest 7 p.m., so younger viewers can see the entire game and not just a portion of it.

It’s not just the younger viewers, but anyone who would like to get at least 5 hours sleep.

I had to chuckle when reading this piece and noticing that Toohey failed give his selfish reasons for an earlier start. It’s called a newspaper deadline. Sports writers would love to get the games in the morning paper and the crew that prints the paper are sitting around twirling their thumbs waiting to receive that last story.

To the Daily Times’ credit, they’ve been getting late games in the morning paper more frequently than the big Philly papers.

Kudos to the Daily Times for that feat.

Read Toohey’s article on sports start times in Delcotimes.com