If you don’t know what a StreamBox is, or the guys behind the company, that will all change in the near future.

But for now, I’ll just share that they participated in a great event to support Joshua in his journey to fight juvenile diabetes – Type 1.

Two of the most incredible new tech entrepreneurs from the area – Hank Williams and Gibson GK Ivory – The StreamBox Kings themselves.

The Streambox Kings had an awesome tent display of their product and even included one in the fundraising raffle for Joshua. The main event was the awesome Evolution Performance 2016 Car Show in Twin Oaks where some of the baddest tricked out rides were on display everywhere you looked.

I forgot to leave my raffle ticket with someone just in case it was called. They had some great prizes, a super DJ, food at the Red Zone Bar & Grill, and even a lady doing chair massages.

Look for more on StreamBox Kings in upcoming blogs.