There’s a lot of Chester people disgruntled with the police department. Even though the much abhorred former police commissioner Joseph Bail has resigned, there is still a lot of people uncomfortable with the department.

In an effort to bridge a better relationship between the police and the community, mayor Kirkland and his transition team has invited the United States Department of Justice to come to town and see if there’s something they can do to assist.

The first step occurred last night as residents were invited to a listening session with the DOJ. I’m sure the DOJ anticipated a lot of people sharing their concerns, but the Widener University auditorium proved to be the wrong venue for this event. Mike’s Internet Cafe would have been a more suitable setting for the crowd that showed up last night.

Why didn’t folks come out? I didn’t have a press release to inform you, but I’m not sure who would be responsible for creating it. I don’t think any mailers went out or posters got posted, but I don’t know who would be responsible for putting those out. Maybe the Widener auditorium is too far away for most folks and the Chester High auditorium would have been more accessible. Most Chester folks don’t go to the Widener campus for much of anything on a regular basis.

According to the papers and Fox News, the DOJ got an earful from the few folks in attendance, but they have to be wondering how serious Chester is in seeing change in the police department if they won’t come out in greater numbers to tell them what’s going on around here.

If there’s a second listening session, let’s hope the word gets out and the meeting is held on the other side of the bridge.

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