Does anyone know more about Delaware County sports than Harry Chaykun? I’ll answer that for you – NO!

I think Harry knows every player and coach that ever played on every team from every sport from Biddy, CYO, high schools, Babe Ruth, American Legion, Delco League, dart leagues, and church bingo leagues.

As a kid of the early 70s playing baseball in Chester Youth League, I occasionally heard the name Ron Henry. To learn that he was the only black from the county to ever play in major league baseball is astounding.

Little did I know, but I was closer to Ron Henry than I ever knew. His daughter, Donna Moore and I were close friends as kids, and Ron was in Denver the same time as I and I have a close friend who is a lounge singer close to Ron’s age, and I know they must know one another.

I don’t get to watch much Delco high school baseball, but I don’t think the next pro is coming out of Chester High school anytime soon based on the results I see in the box scores.

If there’s anyone who would know the next likely candidate, it would be Harry Chaykun.

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