“There just something different about this school.”

That’s a quote from the video below, and it’s the statement everyone makes when you walk the halls of The Chester Charter School for the Arts.

I once heard a minister preach that you become a part of something only when you contribute to it, referring to the church building fund that was going on at the time. I won’t mention what he said about the people who latch on only after all the work is complete.

The Chester Fund for Education and the Arts is proud to announce Building Bright Futures, the campaign for The Chester Charter School for the Arts (CCSA). Their goal is to raise $7 million by December 31, 2017 to support the construction of a new campus for CCSA in the City of Chester. They have raised $3.8 million in gifts and pledges to date.

Watch this amazing 6 minute video to learn a little about the history of Chester, the current state of the school, and the future for both.