Who Idea Is It To Keep Making Slave Movies!!!!

That was a question asked by a Facebook friend last week.

There was a time when you heard the word ‘Roots’ and only one thing came to mind – Kizzy and Chicken George. Now, ‘Roots’ could be your favorite hip-hop band, an athletic wear company out of Canada, a black news and culture website (TheRoot.com), or that guy that does the Chester City Blog.

Or, ‘Roots’ could be on your subconscious mind because you were like me and drove on I-95 north just past Lincoln Financial Field and saw this huge billboard blasting ‘Roots’ was going to be on the History channel on Memorial Day.

Hold up – Wait a minute! ‘I know that billboard didn’t just say ‘Roots’ is making a comeback.’

I love an all black cast that does serious work, but all this slave work is coming up a lot lately. Let’s review a recent line up of those back in the day movies:

  • 12 Years a Slave – movie
  • Django Unchained – movie
  • Underground – WGN
  • Hell on Wheels – Showtime
  • The Birth of a Nation – movie

Fill in the blank because I know I’m missing something.

I’m curious how well ‘Roots’ will do this time around. There’s no doubt that with the cast and all the new TV technology stuff, it’s going to be a powerful piece. But in this ‘post racial’ America, do people really want to spend the first week of summer hearing… “My name not Toby, my name is Kunta.”

Personally, the only Roots I’m looking forward to features a guy named Black Thought and a drummer named Questlove. But, wouldn’t you know it, they won’t be headlining the Philadelphia 4th of July celebrations for the first time since 2008.

Oh, I get it. Now that Philly has a new white mayor for the first time in decades, the Roots get bumped, but ‘Roots’ hits the TV set.

Strange coincidence, huh!