Welcome to the front page crime story of a Harrah’s winner being followed home by a bad guy who knocks her to the ground and steals her purse containing thousands of dollars. That’s no petty cash.

Recently, a reliable source told me that there are an increasing number of cases coming into Chester’s district court concerning crimes at Harrah’s. Most of them are petty crimes  like people picking up chips that fall, or swiping them from unsuspecting players at the table. Purses sometimes are snatched right from under ladies seats who are more focused on the Wheel of Fortune then their house keys.

Most of these would be considered stupid criminal crimes since the cameras provide undeniable evidence, making for a short day in court.

I’m not a gamer so you I don’t get to Harrah’s much. When I’m there it’s to meet with others who would rather have a cordial under the security blanket of Harrah’s as opposed to navigating a Chester bar. Or, I like to watch the horses run in circles.

For whatever reason you may visit the casino, watch yourself and your belongings.

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