By now, the world knows that Larry Wilmore told President Obama that he was ‘his nigga’ at the Correspondence Dinner last week. Half the people are pissed, the other half don’t see a problem, and the last half have been calling him that all along. (If hockey can have 3-halves, so can this paragraph).

Also last week, President Obama visited Flint, Michigan and drank a glass of water while he was there. The President told the people that the water was okay as long as it’s filtered.

“No he didn’t!”

The mayor of Flint challenged the President immediately. Mayor Dr. Karen Weaver was not happy he made that statement because she has evidence that at some homes the lead was tested at 200 parts per billion when the filters they were giving out to people are only rated for 100 parts per billion.

In my Chester born and bred African-America mind, I could only imagine that beautiful black female mayor of Flint saying what she probably said in her private quarters about President Obama. It went something like this…

“Nigga please!”

Whether you use the word or not, like the word or not, drop the ‘er’ for an ‘a’ or spell it with a capital ‘N’, Larry Wilmore knew what he was doing when he dropped the bomb on international TV, and the mayor of Flint was smart to say what she probably said behind closed doors.