Rock Allegiance tickets go on sale today for the 2-day concert at Talen Energy Stadium (PPL Park) on September 17 & 18.

It’s only fitting Chester hosts this huge event considering we’re the birthplace of Bill Haley’s version of ‘Rock Around the Clock’, which, according to Wikipedia is the…

…anthem for rebellious 1950s youth[7] and is widely considered to be the song that, more than any other, brought rock and roll into mainstream culture around the world.

I spoke with former PPL Park/Philadelphia Union bigwig Nick Sakiewicz last year about all the non-soccer events he had scheduled for the park. He shared that everything they’re planning, from college soccer, rugby, football and lacrosse, to international soccer ‘friendly’ matches, are all booked as multiple day events, many with multi-year commitments.

He shared that Rock Allegiance would be a 2-day event this year, and a 3-day event next year. Who knows, at that pace it could be a week long by 2020.

rock aligence

I may have gone a little overboard when I asked if he was bringing back women’s football. I know a number of fans who would support that event. Nick’s expression turned into a blank stare, then a pause, then a disappointing nod of the head in the back & forth ‘no’ direction. I couldn’t dare ask him why.

I hope that decision didn’t cost him his job.

Philadelphia no longer has a team in the Legends Football League. But, if they ever come back, supporters would huddle up to encourage Talen Energy Stadium to be their home field.