They have shut down the street and tore up the sidewalk to install new water pipes in the street – I guess, and Phatso’s Bakery has still found a way to stay open.

The block looks like a war zone. You probably wouldn’t want to enter without a hard hat, combat boots, a flash light, and a black box so folks can locate you in case you don’t show up for work. If you arrive before daybreak to get your dozen donut holes, be careful not to step into a street hole that would land you in the Chester subway. Oh, right! We don’t have a subway.


Wouldn’t you know it. Being addicted to the sweet potato muffin, I negotiated the heavy equipment, illegal parking, and rugged terrain, happy to see that they replaced the sidewalk, but only in front of Phatso’s.

In Chester, you better recognize the power of the powdered donut, or you may find yourself a victim of a curb cut.