Today, Carlton ‘Silk’ Gordy with wife Carla, are hosting their 8th Annual Mother’s Day Old School Cabaret, Show & Dance at The Leake Center (7th and Yarnall) – doors open at 5pm.

If you’ve never been to one of these events, you’re missing the best party of the year. The place will be JP-ed (I recently learned that means jammed packed), the folks will be dressed in their finest attire, you get to bring your own food and beverages so you can’t complain about the food, and you still get home in time to get to bed for work tomorrow.

The live entertainment is always the feature of this party, but this year, Silk has pulled a rabbit out of his hat. BreakWater, that great R&B and funk band is the headliner. They are bringing their full band, singers, sound crew, light crew, and whatever other crew they have to give you the full experience.

So, after church, get your folding chair and mosey down to your favorite spot to watch the Mother’s Day Parade. After your nap, splash some water on your face, pack your cooler, and get ready for a great ‘early’ evening of entertainment at The Leake.