The TV news folks swooped down on Chester to capture some shady activity at a Chester funeral home, then added some filler to the story from other funeral mess out of Philly and Harrisburg.

The Chester story looked like a set up as the news crew and police seemed to arrive at nearly the same time. The issue was with the person preparing bodies. He is a trainee required to be accompanied by a licensed person. Despite the story headline, it doesn’t appear the funeral home was unlicensed, just the trainee.

The old Philly stories they threw in seem more egregious, as bodies were left rotting at a couple places and one funeral home went unlicensed for 3 years.

Somehow, the cameras got into the meeting of the state funeral board just in time for them to witness the chairman of the board get fired. Looks like another set up to me.

The news story paints a black eye on the minority owned funeral operators everywhere. It showed only people of color doing a poor job and being lax on theirĀ paper work which would make any viewer cautious of trusting their loved ones to black funeral directors.

Fortunately, the story does point you to a website where the state lists licensed funeral parlors. While you’re planning a funeral, you may want to plan to visit that site, too.

See the NBC10 story on Unlicensed Funeral Home