It seems like forever ago when Donald Trump talked badly about Mexicans and everyone threw him under the bus, except for the voters. Macy’s couldn’t pull the Trump line of clothes from their department stores fast enough. They certainly couldn’t risk losing customers over that idiot, was their philosophy, I assume.

Being the frugal shopper that I am, I visited a Macy’s store the day after they announced they were going to stop with The Donald shirts and ties. I never purchased any of his stuff, but they were high quality garments with a price tag to match. I asked the clerk where the Trump clearance table was set up. She laughed and said they were told to get all of it off the floor immediately. There was no clearance table.

Imagine how profitable the exclusive rights to the Trump line of clothes would be right now for Macy’s. Imagine Macy’s at Herald Square on 34th and Broadway in NYC, with a huge window display of mannequins ‘donning The Donald’, crazy hair and all, highlighted with a huge ribbon banner running across the windows reading, “Congratulations to NYC’s very own GOP Presidential Nominee”.

Just like people, businesses are prone to rush to judgement. In hindsight, Macy’s underestimated the appeal of The Donald. They just assumed everyone would be so upset with Macy’s that they’d take their business to Sears, Collars ‘n Cuffs, K&G, Shirt Corner, Forman Mills, Syms, or Robert Hall, if that Mexican hating Trump shirt and tie remained in their stores. Macy’s gave no consideration to cheapskates like me who would have loved to acquire a few ‘hater’ conversation pieces to spice up the wardrobe.

Can you imagine the president of the United States with his own clothing line? Macy’s never did. Maybe Talbots will consider a Hillary line.

Macy’s – the Ted Cruz of retail.