It’s been said that imitation is the best form of flattery. That’s definitely that case when I was informed by a University of Pittsburgh professor that the Chester City Blog is the inspiration behind the creation of ‘The Homewood-Brushton Project’ –

Created as a class project, the professor instructed his students to build a blog that reflects the Homewood-Brushton neighborhood, which is much like Chester in many ways. They used the Chester City Blog as their template and developed an exciting site which confirms that there is a place for hyper-local blog sites.

When I started Chester City Blog and shared it others at national blogging conferences, I soon found that it was a one of a kind site. There wasn’t a category for neighborhood blogs as most big bloggers cover topics like style & fashion, pop culture, sports, technology and relationships.

I’m thrilled to see how The Homewood-Brushton Project has approached the concept of a neighborhood blog. Hopefully, it will inspire other urban and underserved communities to create an outlet to educate, inform, express, and inspire their resident