Avenue of the States was opened to the arts last evening as Mayor Thaddeus Kirkland’s Transition Team was welcomed at Linda Braceland’s Art Gallery, Open Mics Cafe, Butcher Shop Rehab, MJ Freed Theater, Abstract Space, and I think the Social Lounge, too.

As expected, several others from in and out of Chester also joined the fray making for a fun evening chatting and chewing with the artsy crowd.

I apologize that yesterday’s post announcing the event was removed. I still don’t understand what a few people took issue with on the post, however, the event went exactly as described. Therefore, yesterday’s post has been returned to the blog and this one will be staying. No phone calls, please.

Chester Loves the Arts14
The Mayor’s Transition Team at Open Mics
Chester Loves the Arts07
Mayor Kirkland at MJ Freed Theater
Chester Loves the Arts15
Fans of the arts taking over the streets
Chester Loves the Arts11
Art talk at Abstract Space
Chester Loves the Arts12
Important people
Chester Loves the Arts13
Who am I to tell Mr. Policeman that he’s going the wrong way down a 1-way street?