Like many majority white colleges and universities, the black alumni don’t play a big role at the school once they graduate. Villanova has vowed to take extraordinary efforts to bring back the blacks. Tonight, the newly formed Villanova Black Alumni Association staged their first reception with the full support of the university.

Being reminded that it’s been 34 years since I graduated by seeing so many name tags with classes from the 90s, 00s, and 10s under their names, it was great to meet and chat with the younger alums and hearing about the amazing careers they’re carving out for themselves. I look forward to more get togethers and hope we can attract more of the older crew in the future.

Chester natives don’t have a strong tradition of attending Villanova, but the most recent three of us were in the house. The university would love to see more of us attend one the best universities in the nation that just happens to be in Delaware County.

Left – Christopher Rogers, #4 in the Chester High class of 2006, Nova c/o 2010, trying to decide whether to grab some sushi or head over to the carving table


Dr. Terry Nance and I started at Nova at the same time – me as a student, she as a communications professor. She’s now the Associate Vice Provost of Diversity and Inclusion and Chief Diversity Officer. She is the glue that connects us all.