Every Saturday, the Delaware County Daily Times does their version of the week in review by publishing their opinion of the good and bad stories of the week with a Dart being bad news and a Laurel being good news.

One of this weeks Darts is the bullying incident on a Chester school district bus.

They finally took action, suspending Brahim’s tormentor and getting Brahim into another school and different bus. Their statement indicated “bullying is cruel, unacceptable conduct, and we will not tolerate it anywhere within the jurisdiction of the school district.” But, why did it take so long to take action?”

Brahim’s mother was trying to have him transferred for two months before the chilling video appeared on Facebook and TV showing him getting pummeled for more than 15 minutes. This 10 year old came home crying and even told his mom he was going to kill himself. Yet, the mother’s cry continued to be ignored until the bullying went viral.

It’s disappointing to learn that no one came to Brahim’s aid – no other students on the bus, the bus driver or the bus aid. The students were probably just as afraid of the little gang as Brahim was. The driver has enough on his plate trying to drive that big bus through the narrow streets of Chester. But, there’s no excuse for the bus aid to let Brahim take that abuse everyday.

And the school district…it’s hard to expect anything more from them. They just continue to disappoint.

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