Chester has its own version of March Madness. In the past week we’ve seen a cop arrested for being a pervert to women locked up in the Chester jails and we’ve had a cop shot twice during a traffic stop where in return someone shot and killed one of the persons in the car being stopped. It’s alleged the cops did the killing but transparency has yet to uncover who did the shooting and how many shots it took (remembering it took 100 shots for the cops to kill the last bad guy – and he never pulled the trigger of the gun he allegedly pointed at the cops.)

A bunch of details have been revealed about the perv cop who preyed on women while he had charge of the jailhouse keys. If he was doing what he was alleged to be doing in the jails, no telling what he may have been doing on the streets.

Here’s a quote from the Delcotimes concerning the perv cop…

A third victim, who was arrested after buying $5 worth of marijuana, told investigators she was in the processing room being fingerprinted when Turner asked to see her private area.

It’s hard to determine which cop activity is worse – asking to see her private area or putting her in jail for buying a nickel bag of weed. Is that even enough weed to roll a joint? In a country where you can legally buy weed by the ounces at a retail store in several states, how can you still put someone in jail for buying a half joint?

‘Everything that defines Chester is a sign of disorder’ is a line from Christopher Rogers’ post “We the people of the City of Chester, we want the truth this time.” It’s worth your read.

As we watch the NCAA tournament hoping our favorite team wins, in the City of Chester, our March Madness never produces a winner.