The guy is clearing his sidewalk with a snowblower. Snowblowers are usually loud. The snow blowing from a snowblower is usually visible, arches a few feet in the air, and lands several feet from the blower. Usually, there’s a trail of snow leading to the spot where the snowblower is currently working.

An ambulance turns the corner, rides right into the path of the blowing snowblower discharge, crashes, and the police superintendent of Upper Darby “Made it a priority” to make an example out of the abominable sidewalk clearing monster by ‘having no problem locking him up’ for the misdemeanor charge of obstructing emergency services.

Upon first reading the charges against Mr. Abominable, one is led to believe that he aimed his snowblower at the ambulance. Chances are, he didn’t see or hear the ambulance. If he’s responsible enough to clear his sidewalk, resourceful enough to have a snowblower, I doubt if he’s stupid enough to target an ambulance.

However, most people should know that blowing or shoveling snow into the street is a no-no, even if the options are limited. But, since an ambulance can potentially travel down any street, wouldn’t everyone who puts snow in the street potentially be obstructing emergency services?

None of us were there to see what actually happened, but if someone has to be at fault, I’m having a hard time not putting some of the blame on the ambulance driver. You just can’t drive through a snowy street with blowing snow landing on it and think nothing’s going to happen.

There’s an article on Mr. Abominable’s arraignment in today’s paper that’s not online. Most of the details of the snowblowing incident can be found in the earlier piece.