It’s so easy to overlook trash in Chester. It’s virtually everywhere. And don’t let it be windy on ‘trash’ day.

It’s nothing to see kids walking down the street disposing their candy and chip wrappers right on the ground. Grown folks will walk down the street eating take-out and finish off their wings, gently place the bones and the container right where they finish it, and think nothing that it’s right in front of someone’s house or in their yard. And be on the lookout for anything to fly out of a passing car’s window at any time.

Even businesses are to blame. Many have undersized disposal bins which spew trash around, and often demolition sites remain uncleared for ages, leaving piles of debris right where it was created.

Trash is so prevalent in Chester that it becomes invisible to the locals. It’s just part of the landscape.

Congratulations to the nosey neighbor in Highland Gardens who called the police on the U-Haul dumping in their neighbor at 1:30 in the morning. Also, give credit to the police for showing up to investigate. I’m sure the dumper from Philly didn’t expect that anyone in Chester cared what he was doing. In fact, by the looks of things around him, he probably figured he was blending right in.

If we have $5000 to reward for information leading to the conviction of a murderer, I’m sure we can credit $150 towards a homeowner’s trash fee/tax to reward them for helping to catch an illegal dumper.

There’s gotta be some incentive to help locals join the fight on blight.

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