I thought it was a big deal that the Chester Boys and Girls Club took a bunch of bottled water to Flint, Michigan this weekend. Based on my blog post, which got only 40 registered views and no comments, I figured few others thought it was a big deal.

Obviously, the Delaware County Daily Times thinks it’s a big deal. They dedicated the entire front page with a couple photos and a huge headline of our beloved ‘Boys Club’ going over-‘water’-board to share this Chester community act of charity that traveled far outside of our borders.

Today, the front page will be seen by over a million eyeballs, and tens of thousands will read the wonderful story by Patti Mengers. The Daily Times may not get any comments either, but people will surely be talking about this story far beyond Delaware County.

Given a choice between the Flint story, Super Tuesday results, helicopters for Boeing, or a child molester, I’d say the Daily Times made the right decision what to put on the front page today.

Read the Chester – Flint story on Delcotimes.com

Hard evidence that the Chester water made it to the Flint Boys and Girls Club gym


flint boys club_edited-1
The sign that Chester arrived in Flint. Congrats Deandrae!