Another front page story hits the paper concerning the police shooting of Shalamar Longer. It’s a story that doesn’t want to go away – and, should it?

Chester Pastor Calvin Williams is pressing Delaware County District Attorney Jack Whelan to provide the community with more answers in the Feb. 8 shooting death of 33-year-old Shalamar Longer.

Is the pastor pressing the DA by himself? Does he have any other community support? Is the Chester Black Clergy backing the pastor? How about the NAACP?

Whelan said the question for him is not how many times the officers fired, but whether they were justified in using deadly force by firing even one round. At this point in the investigation, Whelan said that appears to be the case.

Whether the police shoots once or brings out a missile launcher, it doesn’t seem to matter to the DA as long as it’s justified.

“I believe that if one or two shots were fired, there would still be an uproar. People would still be upset. People would still not believe the findings of the District Attorney.

Of course people ‘would still be upset’ if one or two shots were fired. Trayvon was shot once. Tamir was shot once. Michael Brown 6 times. People became very upset each time.

“Our commitment is to find the truth, and then once we find the facts, we apply the legal analysis,”

Unfortunately, the technology that successfully has helped in providing the truth isn’t used in Delaware County. No dash cameras or body cameras have been mentioned, so it’s up to the old fashioned gumshoe investigation techniques to challenge the preliminary findings.

“I think the real story here is, we have got to tell these young people that having a weapon only puts you in serious harm’s way … especially when you’re not licensed to carry it or it’s an illegal weapon,” said Kirkland. “You’re putting yourself in serious, extreme harm’s way.”

Many believe there is another ‘real story’ here, too.

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