For more than six months starting in 2012, she said, Guerra, of West Oak Lane, threatened her, beat her, and told her to have sex with dozens of strangers in a Chester motel room without paying her.

Guerra, 35 at the time, picked her up and drove her to a Days Inn in Chester, she said. With the help of another prostitute, he explained how she should act with men.

She was to instruct men to place a “donation” on the table, she said, then make them take their clothes off to prove that they weren’t wearing a wire.

A 13 year old girl appears at a motel repeatedly for 6 months and whenever she’s there a variety of different men are making short visits to the room she’s in. What could be going on in that room?

I guess no one at Days Inn cared to ask that question during the time that this 13 year old teen was being pimped in their motel according to testimony she made in a Philadelphia courtroom this week.

The Chester Days Inn is labeled as a Philadelphia Airport motel where pilots and flight attendants stay there regularly. You’d think motel security would be robust for the protection of the airline staff. The fact that it’s a Chester motel should warrant a high security profile, you’d think.

Call me crazy, but the situation with this teen should not have gone unnoticed by motel security. Maybe as long as the room is paid for and in decent condition when their guests checkout, they take a blind eye to the questionable traffic the room surely was receiving.

Too bad Days Inn doesn’t have to explain themselves in court. Their lack of intervention is shameful.

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