“There’s anger all across the city,” (Rev. Calvin) Williams said. “Not just here, but all across the city. People can’t believe how they did this.”

Williams urged newly inaugurated Mayor Thaddeus Kirkland to intervene. Keith Muhammad, the minister of Chester’s mosque, called for a more thorough investigation.

Many are wondering what Chester’s mayor and police commissioner have to say about the killing of Shalamar Longer after he ran from police and allegedly pointed a gun at them. In Kirkland’s short time as mayor, he and the commish have stood side by side with the district attorney on a couple occasions during press conferences to discuss crime initiatives and to announce rewards for information; but, their conspicuous absence at the latest press conference has left the Chester community wondering if they are in agreement with the DA’s findings, or not.

Silence from City Hall and police headquarters is not sitting well with those angry with the DA’s position.

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