It’s 5am, so I guess the guys at the Daily Times aren’t up yet to put the story that’s in the paper on their website. But, from the older version that’s online now, here are some of the quotes…

CHESTER >> District Attorney Jack Whelan Wednesday ruled the fatal shooting of a man by police in Chester following a high-speed chase was justified because the suspect pointed a gun at officers.

Whelan probably knows his ruling isn’t going to please everyone. Like a referee on the field, it’s his call to make.

“The reasonable interpretation is that I’m going to do whatever I can not to go back to jail, including killing police officers.”

Using the victim’s alleged quote is comparable to ‘Monday morning quarterbacking’ since it didn’t initiate the police response. We should expect it will be repeated a lot to justify the justification.

Whelan estimated more than 50 and probably closer to 100 rounds were fired at the vehicle after Longer pointed an older model revolver at officers.

If someone pointed a gun at you, would you empty your clip on them if you had gun? Would you expect everyone with you who has a gun to join you?

Chester Mayor Thaddeus Kirkland initially declined comment until after the D.A.’s ruling.

Kirkland’s not the referee in this case. I didn’t see him in any of the press conference photos. I didn’t get the usual press release from his office to cover the press conference. I have a feeling he may be reaching for the red flag to challenge the call, for what that’s worth.

There are other quotes in the newspaper article I would comment on, but I’d prefer to include them from the updated online version when (if) it shows up later.

…officer passed the Chevy and noticed it had a burned-out license plate lamp, according to Whelan. The officer performed a u-turn to radio in the plate number

I’m very curious how a police sees a license plate bulb out when he’s driving in the opposite direction of the car. Or, at least that’s what I assume happened since the newspaper article says the police made a U-turn to ‘radio in the plate number’ before making the chase. How do you see a plate number with the bulb out unless your head lights are shining on it? Or maybe he was following the car when he saw the bulb out and then made a U-turn to call it in. Who knows?

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