Someone asked me who I was rooting for in the Super Bowl. I didn’t have an answer. They said I gotta go for the black quarterback then. I reminded him that I don’t watch too much football, but from the few games I did watch this season, why can’t I root for a black outside linebacker? I’ve seen DeMarcus Ware pummel quarterbacks of all colors. Can’t I root for Denver?

I do try to watch playoff football, and from what I saw these last few weeks, it was clear that Denver’s defense was going to limit some of the ridiculous numbers Cam Newton has been putting up. Denver’s only issue will be scoring enough points to overcome the damage Cam would likely inflict despite the Denver D.

Denver scoring 24 points is about where I expected them to land, but holding Seattle to 10 points makes Denver defense better than advertised.

I visited Denver in October in time for game 6 of the season. The locals were shaking their heads saying that the Broncos may be the worse 6-0 team the NFL has ever seen. I wonder if they’re now saying they’re the worse 15-4 Super Bowl winner the league has seen?

In typical me fashion, I feel asleep after Bruno Mars, but I scrubbed through the DVR recording this morning to catch the 2nd half of the Cam Sunday apocalypse. Obviously, the football gods determined that the quarterback who is closer to 50 was bound to win Super Bowl 50.

To all my family and friends in Denver, congratulations.

photo: A real Denver club pic from my recent visit on a nite I tried to hang with my son.