What a horrible way to resign. This Delcotimes article did outgoing coash Beaty no favors. I’d at least expect him to tell us about the successes he had in his short tenure. He helped at least one player get recruited by Temple. None of that is important, I guess.

Delcotimes in italics. My response below.

Chester School District declined to comment on record, noting that Beaty’s resignation was a pending matter.

Let’s us help you Chester School District. Send him packing now. He’s was a bad hire and don’t ever hire anyone like him again.

The Chester High football coach resigned from his position last week. He spent two years at the helm of the Clippers, posting a 6-13 record.

No surprise there. That record is to be expected from Chester football, unfortunately.

Beaty said the main reason for his resignation was the growth of his personal training business

We don’t need to know about your other businesses.

Last year I opened the new gym and it got really challenging during the season to stay in business and to invest my time being a coach, amongst other things. For me, if I can’t do it 100 percent, I just don’t do it.

You weren’t giving it 100% when you started coaching if you already had the business up and running.

he soon realized that it was becoming increasingly difficult to find time coaching the Clippers

So, you should have been left.

I really need to be in that school to control the environment the way it needs to be controlled. Not working at the school, and not having a coach at the school, really doesn’t give us the benefit and the luxury that we need to make sure everything is done right

There is nothing stopping you from going into the schools. The basketball coaches aren’t teachers and are in the schools all the time.

There’s so much that goes on outside of football, that you are responsible for, that it just becomes too overwhelming.

Many Chester kids can’t dedicate all their time to sports. There are life issues many of them have to deal with, too. There might be a skipped practice every now and then. They didn’t tell you that when you got hired?

He spoke at youth football banquets and promised to build a winning culture.

I got the video. He was talking a whole different game at the Chester Panther banquet.

Beaty said he lost his passion for coaching.

You were only there 2 seasons. Passion fades fast, huh?

When you come from the outside and you have to leave your business for four or five hours a day, so many months out of the year, that takes away a lot financially from me.

“I was the lowest-paid coach in Delco with one of the hardest jobs.”

You didn’t know that coming in?

(Chester’s) a different place. It’s different than any other place I have ever coached.

You were a bad hire. Most of the blame goes on the School District. They have to do a better job vetting candidates.

Read the Beaty resignation article for yourself on Delcotimes. I’m too frustrated to continue.