We’ve played this game before where you slip on your newspaper editor pants and decide how to layout the daily paper. You must decide on ‘The Big Splash’ – the front page which must be topical, eye catching, and capable of making folks give up a $1.

Here’s your top 5 choices from today’s stories:

  • Pat Meehan gets primary challenge from the right
  • Garnet Valley, Wallingford, Swarthmore tax increases
  • 4 shot 2 murdered in Chester
  • Marple Newtown teachers get 7% raise
  • ‘Dare’ gets Chester girl busted for Instagram hoax

Politically minded people will go with Meehan. Tapped out homeowners will go with taxes. Blood thirsty crime lovers will go with the murders. Education advocates will enjoy the teacher raises. Disturbing stupid criminal story lovers will choose the hoax.

No matter what an editor (or blogger) chooses to feature, there’s always someone ready to criticize. So, unless you’re ready to grow the tough skin to take the hits, play along with being ‘Editor for the Day.’ It’s fun, painless, and nobody will have to know what you decide.

I would be curious what you decide, though. Leave a comment.