I was finally going to check out the JV basketball game last night at Chester High. They play exciting basketball even though Junior Varsity sports never get any love.

As I parked in front of the school around 6:15pm, something didn’t look or feel right. As I got closer to the door, I didn’t see anyone inside. The door was locked. First thought – the heater is broken in the school again.

Isn’t that a horrible thing to think?

Feeling like the dumbest person in Chester, I double checked the Daily Times to make sure it was a Chester home game – it was. I went to Facebook and didn’t see any posts. I called a few folks who didn’t answer the phone. Finally, I got into Edward Snowden mode and did a deep search.

Nothing listed on the Chester or Chichester School District websites. Back to Facebook; nothing. Finally, my real friend, Twitter, did what it do. Around 5:30pm, sports writer Matthew De George from the Daily Times tweeted that the game was cancelled due to the bomb scare at Chichester earlier in the day.

Now I was really feeling like the dumbest person in Chester. What bomb scare?

Oh well. It would have been nice if Chester High had put a sign on the door that the game was cancelled. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who showed up.