How do you boycott the Oscars? I don’t know a single black person who looks forward to watching that show. Sure, if you’re watching TV at the time, you may flip to the channel to see who’s wearing what, but the Oscars isn’t must-see-TV for most of us.

Even if Michael B. Jordan, Will Smith, Idris Elba, O’Shea Jackson, Jr. and that brother on Star Wars were in the running, I’d only be watching for host Chris Rock.

I’m not a big movie buff. For the few that I do watch, I try to be open minded; but, like the Public Enemy lyric – ‘It takes a Black one to move me.’

I didn’t see Star Wars, but here’s my take on the other’s who many feel got snubbed:

Michael B. Jordan – Creed: An awesome performance. I don’t know another actor who could have pulled it off. By the same token, I left the theater saying Stallone was a great co-star. Yet, when the co-star doesn’t outshine the star, is the co-star really worthy of a nod?

Will Smith – Concussion: An awesome performance where he showed amazing range and made the doctor role very believable. However, I think David Oyelowo would have been the perfect actor for the role. Of course, he doesn’t have the Will Smith box office appeal.

Idris Elba – Beast of no Nation: Has Elba ever played a bad role? It wasn’t an easy movie to watch so I wasn’t paying too much attention to the acting while trying to follow the story.

O’Shea Jackson, Jr. – Straight out of Compton: All the NWA actors were just as good as the other. But to play the role of his real life dad gives it a whole different look. I know I couldn’t play my dad.

That brother in Star Wars – I’ll never know. I’m not a Star Wars guy.