When the Chester City Blog posted nominees for the Chester City Awards 2016, it became the most read post ever. I thought folks were excited to see the nominees. I’m hearing through the grapevine that folks are upset about who was nominated and how they were nominated.

Unfortunately, the same people who so eagerly shared the post listing the nominees, weren’t so eager to share the post calling for nominees: https://chesterpablog.wordpress.com/2015/12/29/nominate-chesters-best/

For the people afraid to ask, but who need to know the details of the Chester City Awards 2016, please share this post.

Purpose: To celebrate Stefan Roots’ 10 years in Chester community journalism

  • Date: April 16, 2016 4-8pm
  • Place: MJ Freed Theater, Chester
  • Program: Refreshments, Concert, Awards, Acknowledgments, Concert, Reception
  • Why Awards: Originally, I had thought to recognize several people featured in the articles and posts I’ve written over the years. Because I didn’t want to play ‘favorites,’ I choose categories and called on you to nominate.
  • Picking Winners: Still reluctant to be a judge, I’m attempting to locate impartial judges from organizations that represent the categories the awards are representing.
  • Who are the judges: I don’t know. I sent invites to Widener School of Hospitality (Food), Swarthmore College (Education), Harrah’s (Entertainment), Philadelphia Union (Sports), CBS3 (Communications), Keystone First (Health and Wellness), African American Art Museum (Art), and Child’s World America (Children Services).

Only one of them have responded by deadline, so it’s likely this list will change drastically. Once judges are selected, the nominees will be contacted. Winner and runner up will be selected by the judge’s own criteria and invited to the Award Event.

If anyone has questions, concerns, or issues with this event, you can contact me directly (ccityblogger@gmail.com). Or simply use the comment box below.