A lot of activity going on in Chester today. Unfortunately, there’s no central location that consolidates the schedule of all activities, but the MLK Commemorative Committee of Chester & Vicinity always brings a high quality program.

Here’s a few photos from their event:

MLK 2015 Day 08
Devon Walls, Twyla Simpkins, Mayor Thaddeus Kirkland, Will Richan , Rev. Dr. Bayard S. Taylor, Major Ervin McKoy
MLK 2015 Day 01
Child giving MLK some color
MLK 2015 Day 02
Grown-up making sure MLK is of color
MLK 2015 Day 13
Crozer Keystone with a great exercise to demonstrate the effects of being impaired on weed.
MLK 2015 Day 05
Sorority ladies adding beauty to the event
MLK 2015 Day 12
Mr. Scott the Music man entertaining the children
MLK 2015 Day 04
Mosaic of Ruth L. Bennett still in progress
MLK 2015 Day 14
WIC program spreading good information
MLK 2015 Day 16
Nurses do it better according to the Widener Community Nursing Clinic
MLK 2015 Day 15
These ladies would rather you stop smoking
MLK 2015 Day 06
Ben Pickup is filming a documentary on Chester High Basketball and is determined to get to know the Chester community better
MLK 2015 Day 03
Widener students came out in full force
MLK 2015 Day 10
Not a peace sign. Not the number 2. These are Villanova students. ‘V’ for Villanova.
MLK 2015 Day 11
Twyla Simpkins and Devon Walls are leading the art movement in Chester