Chester is home to the largest trash-to-energy plant in the country and receives trash from as far away as New York City but has never arranged for locals to drop their trash directly to their Front and Highland Ave. facility until now.

In an effort to save money on the annual trash collection contract, residents can apply to hand deliver their trash to Covanta and receive a tax rebate from the city of Chester. It’s anticipated that 15% of the population will take advantage of direct trash delivery, thereby reducing the tonnage Chester contracts with trash companies, saving the city money.

Because some people are uncomfortable hauling trash bags in their personal vehicles, Uber has come to the rescue and is offering ‘Uber-Trashman’ services. For $1.50, a trash bag as large as 45 gallons will be picked up by some dude in a pickup truck who will come to your home and grab your trash whenever you call him from your Smart Phone app.

It’s great to see government work with the private sector and entrepreneurs to create creative solutions that help keep the community clean and save the city money.