Ben Pickup attends Chester High basketball games to gain footage for a documentary on the history of Chester basketball. We formally met last month and I snuck a photo of him on the blog. We spoke last night and he told me his wardrobe was disheveled in that pic. I offered to Photoshop it, but he said it was too late; I’ve already presented him to the world as a fashion misfit.

Of course I feel terrible about this whole thing and have been thinking how I can make it up to him.

At last night’s game, Ben was near mid court beside me on the bleachers with his fancy camera set up on this even fancier contraption that looks like it was made by some NASA Mars rover engineer. Out of no where, while Ben was looking through his camera, the ball was knocked out of a player’s hand, bounced over the Bartram team bench and came straight at his head. Without even looking up, Ben stuck out his left hand and knocked the ball back on the court.

ESPN would have put that move on its Top 10 Plays of the Day, but no one saw it but Ben and I.

Later in the game, Ben said, “Put those quick hands on the blog if you want to post something about me.”

Here you go big guy!