Somebody in the crowd spotted him and said, “Ohhhh, they sent out the big guns. Chris Vito is here.”

Vito, a Delaware Daily Times sports writer is a favorite among those of us who still read the sports pages. When he shows up at a game, you expect his will be the lead story.

When he got close to where I was sitting, I hollered his name and raised my camera. He ducked like he was in the way of a shot. I said no, you are the shot. He turned again to make sure he wasn’t blocking the real shot he imagined I was going for before someone nearby said, ‘take the damn picture, Chris.’

As a sports writer, you can make or break a player’s shine. For that moment last night, I wanted to let Vito know that he’s a star among those of us who read his articles.

Here’s another great Chirs Vito article on the Rondae Hollis-Jefferson jersey retirement