In this rapid age of expanding health care services, from new drug stores on every corner, to endless TV commercials trying to get us to tell our doctor what to prescribe, the aging baby boomer generation is creating a lot of opportunity for people in the health care industry.

Of all the wonderful people I know from Chester, Kristin Ball Motley is near the top of the list. After earning her pharmacy degree, she surely had her pick of jobs. Instead, she’s betting on herself and offering health and wellness services along with medication consulting in her own business, HCS Delaware Valley.

I was so moved to see the amazing story Fox News did on the work ‘Dr. Kristin’ is doing in Chester that I wanted to share it with you.

Click to see the Kristin Ball Motley Fox 29 News report

(HCS Delaware Valley – Kristin Ball Motley, Pharm.D.,CGP, President – 484-234-2427 –