Carlton and Carla Gordy gave away toys and games along with bacon and eggs at C&C restaurant in Chester on Saturday morning.

Over 50 youngsters enjoyed an early morning treat thanks to C&C.

C&C Christmas04
Teamwork toys are the best
C&C Christmas07
Santa’s helper taking orders behind the counter
C&C Christmas10
These girls busted those toys out right on the breakfast table
C&C Christmas03
Carlton Silk Gordy working the grill
C&C Christmas06
Come on. Are you really reading the instructions?
C&C Christmas09
There were a few more toys left if any other children came through
C&C Christmas02
Sometimes you need to play alone
C&C Christmas05
This lil guy made it a point for me to check out his power drink.
C&C Christmas08
It’s all about the smiles