In this country full of guns, guns, and more guns, it’s easy to support any effort to slow things down a bit. The Staci Dawson straw purchase conviction is a great example of punishing someone for their contribution in putting guns on the street for the sole purpose of criminal activity.

Ms. Staci was made an example of in court by being the first person convicted under the Brad Fox Law which assures she’ll be behind bars for at least 5 years. She didn’t kill anyone, but her action to provide the gun may have killed someone, therefore, she becomes the poster child of what straw purchasers are up against here in Pennsylvania.

In a recent mass murder we learned that a family member purchased a gun as a birthday present for their child who shot up the place. I don’t recall that they were considered a straw purchaser. Maybe if Ms. Staci had gift wrapped the guns to her so-called boyfriend, she’d be innocent, too.

It’s hard to argue that Ms. Staci shouldn’t be punished, especially if she was 100% complicit with the purchase for the intent to harm. But the way they weaseled in that she had two convictions, which qualified her for the Brad Fox, seemed kinda sleazy to a layperson of the law like me.

To his credit, the tough on crime county D.A.  says he would…

…continue to prosecute individuals who exploit their “clean” status to obtain handguns for felons.

Ms. Staci may just be a nice girl who thugs like David Colon take advantage of on our mean streets. I’d like to know…

Who’s taking any actions to prosecute individuals who exploit young girls like Staci because of their “clean” status.

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