There’s probably 100 reasons I loved this great film, but I’ll limit it to my Top 10.

NUMBER 1 – Discovering which gym was filmed in CHESTER

Knowing that filming occurred in a Chester boxing gym that I’ve never visited kept me on the lookout for it in the movie. My eagle eye found it by looking outside the gym windows and seeing the painted designs on the top floor windows of Andre Acoustique across the street from the Must Fight Boxing Club on 5th and Edgmont.


2. The Philadelphia neighborhoods

As a former Philadelphia Gas Works employee, I got to know the entire city of Philadelphia pretty well. There’s not many neighborhoods I don’t recognize. CREED didn’t stick to the glamorous Center City and Art Museum sector to make the movie pretty. They ventured around town to give an authentic look and feel to the complexities of the Philly landscape.


3. Defining Jawn

The Creed character moves to Philly from LA and hooks up with a Philly girl who schools him on how things are said and done around here. Helping him understand what a Jawn is was hysterical to me because I could have scripted that scene from an almost identical conversation I had with a guy on a recent trip to Denver.


4. Street bikes and ATVs

Rocky jogged on 9th street in the Italian Market. Creed did it for a hot second but settled for the ‘hood where he was flanked by dirt bikes and ATVs. I loved the symbolism.


5. Music

From orchestration, house, rap, to neo soul. The music was perfect.


6. Family

This was a movie about family, and then a fight film breaks out. As a child, Creed was saved from a sure life of incarceration by someone outside of his family and as an adult he latched on to a stranger he affectionately called his uncle. It proves that you don’t have to be blood relatives to be family.


7. The fights

I’m not a fight fan so I appreciated that there was only one long fight scene in the movie. That’s all they needed and they did it well.


8. Stallone

I think I saw Rocky I, and if so, I don’t remember much. I don’t think I’ve seen an entire Sylvester Stallone movie. He was amazing in CREED. Believable, funny, snarky, wise, endearing.


9. Jordan

Michael B. Jordan put on a boxer’s body and gave a stellar performance. He’s the real deal. At some point I’m going to stop thinking he looks like he’s Chauncey Billups little brother.


10. Tessa Thompson

I’ll admit to my aversion to the love interest in these type of movies. I know it pulls the female audience, but I just want to see the manly fight stuff. Tessa Thompson pulled off the unthinkable and made me appreciate she was in the film. If I could stop thinking she was Lisa Bonet’s little sister, I’d be alright.