I was going to stop asking about our next State Rep since I never get an answer, comment, or response. But, since the Delaware County Daily Times has splashed it on the front page, here’s my chance to ask again.

Chester residents appear to take the State Rep position for granted. It seemed strange to me that they’d consider Thaddeus Kirkland as a candidate for mayor without some idea what was to become of his State Rep position. And then to elect him as mayor is akin to agreeing that he deserves a demotion. I guess Chester folks believe he’s of more value to us as mayor than as a State Rep.

Kirkland did respond to a previous blog post on the question of his State Rep seat with, “I’m in it to win it,” referring to the mayor’s position in Chester. That obviously doesn’t answer the question of our State Rep status in the 159th.

Let’s take a survey of what the options are:

  1. Kirkland will not resign as State Rep. I can’t imagine Gov. Wolf wants to let him go considering all the flack he’s getting from the republicans in Harrisburg. Kirkland will remain State Rep and appoint someone else as mayor of Chester.
  2. Kirkland has made a deal with the democratic party leaders to give up his seat as State Rep in exchange for their endorsement of him as mayor of Chester (which strangely occurred even before the primary election for mayor) along with the party leaders selecting the new candidate for State Rep, almost assuring it wouldn’t be a nominee from Chester.
  3. Kirkland will name a replacement nominee from Chester and was waiting to see if he’d win the mayor’s election to do so.

I’d hate for Chester to lose its influence in Harrisburg. I’d hate to see one less black in a responsible position in state government – we have so few. I’d expect democrats would hate to risk that seat to a republican.

There are those who will question why I’m not writing about the Pileggi demotion. Mainly because it hardly has anything to do with Chester. His responsibility covered Delaware and Chester counties and as majority leader the whole state. He’s done about all one can do as a State Senator and now with Gov. Wolf in place, he may see this as a good time to leave, where, for Kirkland, it seems like the perfect time to stay. I am surprised Pileggi didn’t run for State Supreme court judge, but I guess he wanted to be closer to home.