Recently, while in the company of a young man, he questioned how more effective the slogan would be if it were ‘Black Lives Don’t Matter.’

Everyone knows by now that the Black Lives Matter movement was created in response to the repeated police shootings of unarmed black men. The term, Black Lives Matter, was a way to remind everyone that black men are people, too, and therefore, it matters that they not be treated like this.

However, instead of endearing a country to embrace that mantra, a lot of people have responded with ‘All Lives Matter.’ That statement has taken a lot of the wind out of what Black Lives Matter was purposed for as folks have spent endless hours explaining themselves silly trying to figure out what really matters.

But, if the statement was originally worded ‘Black Lives Don’t Matter,’ would it have served the same purpose of bringing attention to police shooting of unarmed black men?

One thing for sure, no one would be arguing that ‘All Lives Don’t Matter.’

(image by Detour)